♕Ballet, Baseball, And BABY!♕

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's taken me FOREVER and a day ☺ to find the cord to our camera! I know i could've posted without pictures, but its SO much more FUN with them! So here I go yet again with an ENORMOUS post.... Bare with me ☺

Nick and I have been lucky enough to get to go to some of Sidneys DANCE recitals. She's becoming quite the little dancer! And the older girls! Ballet is incredible to me. Such strength those little girls have to have! CRAZY! I wish i had some pictures of her actual performance, but here are some from the house before we went. P.S. i taught her how to do this...... ha ha ha......

This spring i've been ENLIGHTENED! Ha ha ha. I've come to realize wrestling is NOT the only entertaining sport out there to watch!! Crazy, i know! Mitch's freshman baseball team this year was extremely entertaing and i found myself more often than not singing ♬ Take Me Out To The Ball Game! ♬ (whether this was because they played the song fifteen million times or not is a different story ☺). After one loss to SPANISH FORK, in the state tournament, they battled back to face SPANISH yet again for the title! Sadly our game wasn't played and they ended up with 2nd. But 2nd! As freshman! In the state tournament! AWESOME! We were so proud of them and so excited we got to be there for a few games to watch! GOOD JOB MITCH! You're almost as enjoyable to watch playing ball as you are wrestling! ☺ j/k The four stooges! 2009 Payson High Freshman Baseball
2nd State TournamentThe Dedicated Fans#1 MITCHEL BROWNProud Momma and PoppaForever Supporters of Payson Lions! Woot Woot!

And last but not least here's Nick and i's newest niece baby Olivia! We went and visited Katie, Will, the girls, and BABY at the hospital before she was released. She's so tiny!Daddy and OliviaSams developing parenting skills....Ha ha ha.... Uh.....

So there you have it! My every so often OVERLOAD! Hopefully I will have more to post VERY soon! On the fourteenth of this month Nick and I get to go to Sea World with Jamie, Cyle, and Xan Man and then spend the rest of the week in Ventura with our family! California.... HERE WE COME! Yay!
LOVE YOU ALL! Hope everything is going fantastic with you and your families! I love reading all about what you're doing so be better than me and post a lot ☺!

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