.:"Mister Mister, Get me outta here!":.

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear "mister mister",

This week you turned  1 whole month old. I can't believe I've already had 4 weeks to play and be with you! I consider myself the luckist girl alive to be your mommy. I sometimes wonder what I could've done for you to choose me. Someday i hope you or I will look back and read this so you can see all the fun, cute, exciting things you've learned and accomplished so far. Here are some things we've experienced and learned together the past 4 weeks:
  • Somehow when you came home you got dubbed "mister mister". Your dad quoted Happy Gilmore one day as you were grunting not wanting to be in some jammies and it just stuck. Mommy L♥VES her mister mister!
  • You are the most relaxed and easy going baby. You have a personality a lot like your daddy. More often then not you're content to just cuddle with someone or sleep. 
  • Going along with your content and relaxed personality you hardly EVER cry. I can count on one hand the times you've had a serious cry:  *The time you were born, *The time we took your newborns then invited your cousies to come see you and you were VERY overwhelmed, *The time your beanie fell around your eyes and you were SUPER angry you couldn't see everything.....
  • The reason you got so angry you couldn't see anything was because you absolutely LOVE looking around at anything and everything. I know you can't see everything yet, but you sure act like you can!
  • You have THE cutest smile {as half demonstrated in the picture above}! For the first couple weeks it was just poop smiles and little smirks when you would sneeze - it's almost like you think you've accomplished something AMAZING! Ha ha I love it. At around 3 weeks you actually started smiling at your daddy and me. I know everyone says that's too early, but I promise you are smiling because you recognize us. Both your Nanna's are amazed when they've seen it because they believe you recognize us too! Both also loved it when they got you to smile too (I've decided because I had to listen to my online math classes for my whole pregnancy you're going to be VERY advanced and genius like).
  • Just last week you found..... YOUR THUMB! Although i hate the idea of you sucking your thumb, it's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen and I have the hardest time making you stop.
  • When you suck your binkie you make your daddy and I laugh hysterically. You suck it sooo hard it pops in and out of your mouth.
  • 99% of the time when you sleep, you sleep with your arms up by your head. 95% of the time they are on your face somehow.... Like such:

  • You love cuddling with your daddy. You're content to cuddle with your mommy, but when daddy cuddles you i can tell you sure LOVE it. You always turn into him.

  • When you were born you had this cute whispy strawberry blonde {where the red came from we have NO clue} hair. As of two days ago the top has fallen out and you look like the cutest old man with culdesac hair!

  • Everyday our routine so far goes something like this:

6:00 am - You start to coo, or grunt (this is what you do instead of crying when you're hungry or need a change)
6:30-9:00 - Daddy comes home and we take a nap with him to gear up for the day
9:00 - We head out to the living room to eat, change the dipes, and do mommy's homework
9:00 - 8:30 pm Mommy and you get to hang out. Naps, feedings, homework, etc. are what we like best!

Today you woke up with a little cough that scared Daddy and i to death. We got you right into the doctors. Gratefully you don't have anything serious, but we were put on extensive watch to make sure it doesn't get any worse. You've also been sentenced to be around a humidifier 24/7. I sure hope that's the worst of it!

Your Daddy and I love you SOOOOO sooooo much and can't imagine life without you! It's crazy we've only had you 4 weeks, but i honestly can't imagine having to live without you.

♥ Mommy & Daddy


.:A Giant?!:.

>> Friday, February 11, 2011

Litlle {....hardly!} Nix had his two week check up today. First off how unfair is it that I had absolutely NO idea that stupid PKU test meant a heel prick? I took the little man to this appointment all by myself because Nick had work last night. I was so proud of myself! So easy.... Then they go and do that. Stupid PKU. Luckily I seriously have THE best baby in the whole entire world, yes it's true, and he only let out one little sad cry. Then he snuggled right in to me. Poor guy. Anyway. I was blown away when they weighed and measured him. Apparently two midgets {Nick and I} can breed GIANTS! Nick very well may get his wish for this to be a basketball boy rather than a wrestling stud... Boo. In the past week he has gained a whopping whole pound, and since birth he's grown 2 whole inches {yes 2!}.  According to a few differnt websites this means he is in the 75th Percentile for height {I kid you not} and the 30th Percentile for weight. Scrawny little guy. Ha ha. I've advised Nick to not get his hopes up, as i'm sure this is just a fluke to get him all giddy.... That or our child will pass us up by the age 10.... Hmmmm, either way. Here are his stats at the ripe old age of 17 days old {best 17 days of my life so far!}:
  • Weight - 8 lbs 2 oz.
  • Length - 21.5 inches
  • Head Circumference - 36 cm
Here are some pictures of my handsome man from my phone. Usually it's the closest picture taking device when i want to capture his yumminess.... which is usually always!

Nix and Daddy takin' a nap.

Nix today {02.11.11} with his Zebra "woobie" from his Nana Nette. He won't sleep without this or his Giraffe one {as you'll see they're in most of the pictures}. Good thing Nan made two since he has a knack for throwing up on them!

Newborn Nix at the hospital sleeping in his favorite position. He's a very STRETCHY boy. Always stretching...

 Sleepy Smiles. Mom LOVES these!

Again with his "woobie" and in his favorite sleeping position.

 For some reason when he sleeps he LOVES his hand ON his face. Sometimes coving it.

 Although from all the other pictures you would think all this kid does is sleep, this is more his usual look... LOVES being wide awake listening to whats going on. Especially right around midnight. For almost two hours. Mom LOVES this.... not.

Lots of Love!
Nick, Al, and Nix

P.S. Shout out to this awesome kid for takin State last night!! 3 times baby! Now on to a fourth....


.: Nix's First Bath :.

>> Friday, February 4, 2011

Because I know you all think my little man is so ridiculously handsome just like I do, and you're just DYING to see more pictures...

Nix's First Bath


.:Surprise! Here I come...:.

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm sitting here in awe at the sweet feelings I have just glancing over at my precious little man and his daddy taking a nap. It's crazy how things change in a split second. And that, friends, is exactly how this little guys birthday went.

Frustrations were definitely at a peak as I had not only passed 37 weeks, which i was SURE was when he was going to come, but also passed 40 weeks. I was tired, huge, had stretch marks gallore {which of course chose to come the last week and a half - GO FIGURE}, and was just ready to meet my little guy. Tears came regularly after every appointment where I was told my cervix was completely unfavorable and absolutely NO progress had been made. I was baffled as to how this could be since I was sure I would be like my mom who had ALL her babies at least 10 days early. Every time we were told the dreaded same news we were also breifed with our options. We could try and induce but it would get us absolutely no where. Having a cervix that was completely closed tight my doctor told me if induced I'd most likely labor for days resulting in a very stressed out baby and tired mommy, which then would lead to an emergency c-section. So basically, it was out of the question. The other option was to just wait and hope things would progress. Our last option was a c-section. Naturally the option we all agreed on, unfortunately, was to just wait some more.

Monday January 24th, three days after my due date, I had another appointment. I went in with a very guarded attitude and told myself to assume the worst. We got to the doctors, i stripped down {very SLOWLY as it's crazy impossible to move fast 40 weeks pregnant and barely over 5 feet tall}, and waited for our doctor to do his thing. I watched his face, as i had all the other times, and I just new. He was totally pained and sad to have to tell me yet again absolutely NO progress. At this point I was almost in full on tears. I did not want to cry in front of the doctor so I took a deep breath and asked what happened next. At this point waiting still was an option, but because I was overdue there were some more things that needed to be done. My doctor explained that sometimes after 40 weeks the placenta stops working because it thinks it's done it's job. If that happens the baby goes in to stress. Another thing is my amniotic fluid could start to be low and that can cause a couple different problems. When there is sufficient fluid the cord floats around just fine. If there isn't the baby can lay on it and cut off his life supply. He also could have his first poop and swallow it. That one in particular is VERY dangerous. My doctor then wrote me a perscription to have a stress test the coming Wednesday, the 26th, to make sure all of these things were still ok. If they were then we were going to plan on another appointment that Friday where I would be checked again and we'd make a plan from there.

Wednesday came around and I didn't sleep A WINK the night before. To say I was nervous would be a lie. I had had the same procedure done for a stress test just a week earlier because we thought my water had broke and everything was perfectly fine. I couldn't see it being any different in that amount of time and so I assumed I would be told I had a happy healthy baby in there and I got to wait some more.  I just couldn't sleep was all. Now that I think about it I wonder if maybe my body subconciously knew what was going on and I actually was nervous. Nick got home at 7:30 that morning and we headed down to the hospital. We met my mom there, which I was very grateful she could come {for some reason she had decided not to schedule any of her work that day}, and we headed up to labor and delivery. They hooked me up to the monitor where they would monitor my little mans heart beat for about an hour and see how he was doing. An hour later I was right. Everything was just fine. He had a healthy strong heart beat and was happy as can be staying where he was.

The last part of the test I had to have an ultrasound to measure the fluid. As we headed down to radiology I realized I was STARVING. I hadn't woken up early enough that morning to get some breakfast, which i assumed was fine because I'd just be heading home in a few hours. As we waited our turn my mom ran to the gift shop and bought me a candy bar. I took a few bites before they called my name then we headed in. We then soon found out that my fluid, which to be in the safe range should be above an 8, was at a 3.9. I asked the tech what she thought this meant. She said that she assumed he would either start me tomorrow or the next day.

Our next task was to head back up to labor and delivery and report the results to the nurse who would relay them to my doctor. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. No matter what I would most likely have a baby thursday or friday! The end was in sight! They nurse got on the phone with my doctor and I continued to eat my candy bar. Snickers almond. Totally hit the spot. I didn't listen much but I did hear "Section today then?" and "yes, she's eating a candy bar right now". All at once my body started to shake. I didn't really know exactly what she was saying, but I felt like something was happening. She then asked if he'd like to talk to me. I got on the phone and my doctor told me how he didn't feel comfortable leaving that baby in any longer and we would be doing a c-section today. Because I'd eaten though, YES a measly candy bar, I had to wait 8 hours. He told me to get admitted right there and he'd see me in a few hours. I hung up the phone, looked to Nick then my mom, and started bawling. I was terrified. I could handle tomorrow, or the next day. But now, right now?! So soon?  My house wasn't clean how I wanted it, I hadn't brought my bag or the babies bag, I just WASN'T ready!

The next few hours, many would think drug on but not in the least. They went by so fast. Not only was the end in sight, but it had a specific time also. 6 o' clock that night I was going to have a baby. Around two o' clock the nurse came in and said "Your doctor has finished at the other hospital and is ready to do you in about 45 minute". Surprise, AGAIN! Could this day have any more surprises around the corner? I sure hoped not. I immediately began to shake again. Nick was there, but my mom had just ran to get some things for me and Sam, my sister, who i wanted there hadn't even made it yet. Nick and I frantically started calling them as the nurses started prepping things around me.

I was incredibly blessed to have pretty much my own team of people assembled that I wanted. My neighbor and good friend was an anesthesiologist. Another very close long time friend was a CNA on labor and delivery. Both I knew I wanted to be there, as I am a huge chicken and having some comforting faces around would be awesome. I say i'm truly blessed to have them, but for you to get the full effect of that you have to know that niether of them were on their shift, and one was even coming off an all night shift. They both took time out of their day to come be with me. It was very comforting to know I was so loved.

Sam and my mom arrived just in time. Sam started painting my nails and toe nails, ha ha, because she wanted me to be pretty in surgery. They then wheeled me off around 2:30 to have my little one. I was terrified of the spinal, but my anesthesiologist was AMAZING! I seriously only felt a sting, almost less than an IV, when he put the numbing in and that was it. I remember joking with him and my other long time friend that I was so glad to have a c-section with them both being there because now they'd only have to see my belly not my NETHER REGIONS..... Little did I know. The minute the spinal was in they put me on the table and stripped me down to my nakeds! I was sooooo embarrassed and kept telling them to make sure to NOT look! They let Nick and my mom in after my drapings were up and the doctors went at it. This will sound funny, but really, it was the EASIEST thing I have ever done. The ONLY dicomfort I ever remember was when they were ready to get the baby out he was stuck up in my ribs and the one doctor had to pretty much stand on me and shove him out. It was only uncomfortable because I remember thinking "he is going to break my ribs! I don't want broken ribs!"

3:15, or 15:15, my little man came out with the cutest litttle cry i've ever heard. When you first become pregnant you think the heart beat is the best thing you've ever heard. Hearing that cry is by far a million times better. To make a long story short they took him to the nursery and cleaned and stitched me up. It took almost an hour and a half for them to finally bring him to me, which was TORTURE as I'd only breifly seen him in the operating room. Nick kept coming to check on me, but I kept sending him back because I could tell how much he wanted to be with him. When they finally brought him to me and put him in my arms I knew from that moment on life would never be the same. How can you love someone soooo much that you've just met? The feeling is completely indescribable.

Nixon Christopher Judson is finally what we came to agree on. Nixon after his daddy and Christopher after my dad. He came in weighing a whopping 7lbs 5oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Like I said above life hasn't been the same in the past week and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love our little "Mr. Mr." more than we can put into words and can't imagine how we lived without him. Sorry such a long post, i knew someday I would want a complete recount of this. Now go ahead and enjoy some pictures of my handsome little devil. Lady killer, right?! =D

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