...New Baby Judson Update...

>> Friday, August 20, 2010

Click on the Baby Judson Updates, or HERE, to see week 18 {and then some} updates!


...My Best Friends Wedding...

Meet Makinzie. Gorgeous, isn't she?! She was one of my very best friends, and roommates, in college. And she got married!

Kinz and her love started out as just friends. It then grew to best friends. Chad, Makinzie's husband, knew Kinz was something special and he wanted something more than just the "friends" title. Kinz wasn't so sure. Not because she didn't like Chad. She really did. He treated her like no boy had ever treated her before. But, she was afraid to ruin the friendship she had. I remember numerous conversations we had about whether she should just go for it or leave it be. Finally Chad decided he couldn't sit and wait for Kinz to make her decision so he started dating other girls. It didn't take long before that drove Kinz NUTS! They started dating, he proposed, and the rest is history!

I threw Kinz's bridal shower, along with the awesome help of another of her friends Julia. It was super fun to get to see girls we haven't seen in forever and get Kinz ready for her special night ;D

This was Kinz's invite I made.

Julia got some cute balloons so people would know where to come.

Julia reciting a poem to Kinz about all the underwear she will need in her life {cutest poem ever! go here to see it}. Me handing Kinz the panties as they are talked about.

Kinz opening her gifts!

Kinz and one of her best friends from high school Haley. I stole this picture from Haley because i wanted you to see the food table I did! I am not a crafty person so I was VERY proud of myself :D

...The Wedding...
July 2nd, 2010

Kinz and Chad's wedding day couldn't have been any better. The sealing was beatuiful, the weather was awesome, everything was PERFECT {we (me, two other bridesmaids, and two of Kinz's sisters) did almost miss sealing, but what's a fun day without a little excitement and adrenaline?!} ! It was super fun to be a bridesmaid and i was so "honored" she chose me! Makinzie looked absolutely beautiful and her colors fit her personality perfectly! Chad couldn't have found a better girl to be with for the rest of eternity and Kinz couldn't have found someone that treats her better than anyone else, just as it should be! I was so happy to be apart of her special day!
Love you two!

Kinz and Chad coming out of the temple.

Haley, Shaylynn, Aubrey - Sister, Natalie - Sister, Chad, Kinz, Sarah, Me, Randy - Sister

He's SOOOO much taller than her, ha ha. It's so cute!

The reception. Makinzie's mom is SUPER talented! It was GORGEOUS!
Chad doesn't like cake so they had a variety of donuts instead. Cute, huh!

Makinzie has a BEAUTIFUL voice. She sang the Adam Sandler song "I want to grow old with you" to Chad, with her own rendition for the second verse. What made it the cutest was she was so choked up! You could tell she really loves him!

First Dance. Uncle Cracker "You Make Me Smile"

Daddy Daughter Dance. "I Loved Her First." Her dad is so cute. He started crying the minute it started.

Haley and her cute baby Brooks


Nick and I are so happy for Kinz and Chad. They're awesome friends to hang out with and just have fun. So happy they found each other!

♥ Nick and Al ♥


...All Things Thrifty...

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

So Mckell refered me to this blog a bit back and I absolutley LOVE it! She is so amazingly talented it's ridiculous.... Anyway. Just thought I should share {and by sharing i'm getting myself entered into a sweet giveaway! Head on over there quick to enter yourself!}.
Click Here to see the aweseomeness...

Coming soon...
*My Best Friends Wedding
*50 Year Sock Hop Anniversary
*Powell & Fun Family Time!!
*Baby Judson Updates.... Finally, right?

Stay Tuned!


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