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>> Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sadly, it's that time again! Nick and I are looking for new renters for our basement apartment. We're very sad to see our current tenants leave as they've been AMAZING! They recently found out he got accepted for an internship in California and will be headed there for the summer. If you, or anyone you know, if looking for an awesome place to rent shoot me a comment! 
If you're new to our blog here's a little bit about us, your potential future SUPER FUN upstairs neighbors/landlords:
Nick currently works nights at a residential treatment center in Orem called Telos. Although nights are not ideal for the Bug man and I (we like our Daddy!) Nick doesn't mind them at all. He is getting ready to apply for the Police Academy at Utah Valley University and is very excited at the prospect of getting that career off and going. Other than his most beautiful hugely prego wife and the little Bug man, he's got his constant companion in Zeus, our Black Lab Mix, still. Unfortunately my California born 'farmer' (yes, he truly thinks he's a farmer - from Ventura....) lost all of his chickens in a tragic (for the chickens) dog scavenging accident. Never fear though! He's replaced them with two cute baby goats. Yep. You read that right! Goats. Not sure what good they will be for, but he's excited about them. I'm sure new chickies will soon come also. 
I am still in the Secondary Ed program at Utah Valley University. I say still because it's literally taking FOREVER! I'm happy to report though that I have two full more semesters and then I will be ready to student teach! YAY! I also work at WhyTry in Provo Utah where I assist part time with office duties. The rest of my time is divided between the Bug man, Homework, Housework, Family time, oh and Homework... Homework consumes my life. Ugh. I've now successfully made it to 26 weeks of our second child. She has got quite the personality already. At first I couldn't feel her move hardly at all, which worried me because I felt Nixon 24/7. Baby Girl has totally made up for it though and now moves more, and more violent, than I EVER remember Nixon moving. The thought of two under the age of 18 months scares me, especially while still going to school. I'm super grateful though that we have all those that care so much about us and help out so much!
Nixon is growing in leaps and bounds! It still amazes me how fast they grow! Everyone said that before, but you never understand until you see it yourself. At 14 months he's been walking now for about 4 months. He's quite the terror being that mobile, but I love how independent he is. He LOVES his Nanna, sometimes i feel more than his Mommy! The first word out of his mouth usually in the mornings is "Nanna? Nanna?" We're both so grateful he has such a fun loving Nan to watch him so graciously while Mommy works and goes to school. He's learning new words so quick! His favorite so far are: "Nanna", "Momma", "Daddy", "Hi Daddy" (this is the only two words he says together), "Cau-Cau" (as in gross.... makes me wonder if my paranoid-ness for germs may need to ease up a bit... =D), "Wahoooo!", and "Zu-Zu" (Zues). 
That's us Crazy Judsons in a glance. If you are interested, or know anyone that is, here is a little bit about the apartment. Leave a comment for me with your email and I will send you further contact info for me so that we can get you scheduled to come take a look!   

We're in Springville, which is super nice to be out of the hubbub of the busy single college life, but we're close enough to Provo/Orem that we don't feel like we're out in the boonies and we don't waste a zillion gas traveling back and forth.

We have a SUPER huge backyard {ALMOST AN ACRE} which is super fun for our playful Zeus, and our soon to be new goats.We've put in a very 'rough' little fire pit that is super fun during the summer for tin foil dinners and smores! Garden space is MORE than available, and can totally be an option if that's something you'd like to discuss.

Specs of the apartment include:
*3 bedrooms - 1 master, 1 childs room, 1 extra bedroom {has been used as an office by some of our tenants}

*1 Bathroom

*Recently renovated - August 2009. New carpet, New paint, New windows in some of the bedrooms

*Washer and Dryer PROVIDED!

*Utilities, Cable, AND internet included in the flat rate price! I know right?! Killer deal.

*$750 flat rate a month - due the 5th of each month

*200 Deposit

*PETS {dogs, cats may get eaten by our dog. Sorry!} WELCOME with small pet deposit!

*Super fun and awesome landlords/upstairs neighbors.

*Good neighborhood, great ward.

Like I said, it's a killer deal. It will be available May 1st as our current renters have already signed with another place and don't want to be responsible for two rent payments. We have MANY calls when we put it up on the web so it WON'T last long!

♥ Al

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