Hi. I'm Alex.

>> Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hi. I'm Alex. I'm terrible at blogging. Now that we've gotten that out of the way....

As I sat reading friends blogs that actually keep up on them, and then continued to reminisce through my own, I realized how sad I will be someday to not have some daily written record of The Judson shenanigans.  I'm such a sap, what can I say.

Now....  Before you get all giddy on me (all of my MANY followers... *chirp chirp*... Oh okay, I lost the 3 of you...? Mckell??) I must prepare you that you must not be under any illusion that this will be something grand and fantastic to read. I simply want to be able to not have to kick myself someday for not keeping some sort of record. And if I'm being realistic, this may simply be ambitions of late night ramblings that will simply last a week.

So. Anyway. With the exception of maybe birth stories and one or two other stories that I'd like to remember very detailed, I won't be wasting any time "catching up". I know myself. That'll ensure I quit quicker than probably the week I'm predicting. 

As it is currently 12:15 AM, ugh, I won't be starting anything now (my bedtime is 7:30 for hell's sake). Tomorrow I may, or may not.... see how I'm trying to keep this super casual and non - committed?! I'm like that loser boy we all knew in college. You know? The one that is 30 and tried to date every girl in the ward by Friday? Yeah.... Anyway. I may or most not start Penny's birth story. The one I promised 2 years ago.... So much suspense!



>> Friday, November 28, 2014

Preface to the Preface....  This was started 2 years ago. It probably makes no sense but I figured I'd post it in the spirit of keeping a written record. 


This post was started about 4 weeks ago... Yep, shows you right there how good at blogging I am. It's taken me that long... Anyway. So some events are past now (Penny's birth), but aren't talked about like that in this post. Just bear with me, yes? I don't have the patience to go back through and change everything... =D

It's been forever! I was, ever so kindly, informed the other day that 'I am no in school anymore so I have NO excuse to not be updating' (thanks Kell =D)! It's true. So... To not go crazy, and inevitably completely overwhelmed, I am doing one simple PICTURE OVERLOAD of a catch up post. And, since I'm unfortunately addicted to social networking, my catch up post this time will come from all my Instagram pictures (with some descriptions).....

Back in February we got to watch Uncle Chi Chi compete in the State Wrestling tournament. Mitch had won 3 State Championships up to this year and was aiming for his 4th. There currently are about 20 people ever in Utah's history to be 4X State Champions. Mitch made it all the way to finals, but was unfortunately beat by a few points in the last 20 seconds of the match. Needless to say it was devastating. To see someone you love so much face the trial of a dream (a dream made when he was in 6th grade) being unmet is heart wrenching. It was incredible the love, support, and attention Mitch received after this match. Many people told my parents how proud they were of Mitch for his character, and could care less that he wasn't a 4Xer. My favorite was a mother of a young wrestler who looks up to Mitch who said "Tucker learned tonight that the HERO doesn't always win." Mitch is a Hero to me for the man he is becoming and I am so grateful that my son has men like him to look up to and learn from. 

 Miss Penelope Claire will be making her appearance in just 4 weeks from Thursday! As you can see she's somewhat overtaken a lot of my pictures. From the thousands of pictures of the Bump, telling Nixon about his new sissy, and the ever so present 'sock bun' (because that's all I have the patience for in doing my hair) she has kind of taken over my Instagram feed....

 These pictures are hard for me to even look at. One day after a fun play date with Nix's cousins I got the above text. HAND FOOT AND MOUTH?! What the crap is that?! I immediately called my mom to ask questions, but really wasn't super worried Nix would get it. I even jumped on the computer to see if I could find out more. Although it's super contagious, you could only get it through touching the other persons poo...ahem... or saliva. I thought we'd be in the clear. A few nights later Nixon got a fever. For some reason I asked Nick to see if he could get work off that night to help me. I am forever grateful that I heeded that prompting. Instead of putting Nix in his bed we let him sleep with us so we could monitor the fever. Around 2 am I woke up to Nick screaming Nixon's name. I heard some coughing sounds so I thought he may just be coughing on his bottle. I jumped up to turn the light on and saw a sight, as a mother, I will NEVER be able to erase from my brain. Nixon was convulsing on the bed and VERY blue in the face. He was seizing and not breathing. I froze. I am so thankful Nick was there. I'm not sure I would have known what to do if I had been there on my own. As I stood there frozen and paralyzed I heard Nick's voice scream to me "Al call 911!". I snapped to and grabbed my phone. To make a long story short we spent the night in the ER. Nixon's body, for some reason, spikes very quickly in temperature and as such he has febrile seizures, which we found out aren't actually very uncommon in children until they are 5. Hand foot and mouth causes very high temperatures so that didn't help either. The next week we spent nursing our little sicky back to health and many hours in the tubby keeping his body temperature down. The pictures of his face is what Hand Foot and Mouth does to you. It causes blisters on your throat, face, hands, and feet. Nixon was 'lucky' enough to get a VERY severe case of it. Awesome, right? Even better? Everything we read said people older than 5 shouldn't get it... Nick ended up getting it a week later. It was a very scary week for us but we are sooooo grateful to the angels that were looking out for us. For days after I couldn't stop thinking about everything that fell into place to ensure Nixon's safety that night.




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