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>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well.... Summer semester has come and gone. 
As you can see I REALLY struggled keeping up with this here beauty while going to school, working, and being Mommy. 

My lesson at church today for the 10 year olds was on the Atonement. So I'm here, 
acknowledging my wrong doing, 
asking for forgiveness, 
and promising to do better! 

With that I have SOOOO much to catch up on.... 
Because this blog here was meant solely for my journaling purposes 
{ok ok, and to stalk all you lovely people....}
I DO have to catch up....  

So within the next week watch for some posts,
And kick my butt if i don't get going....
We are leaving for Auntie Moo's (Nick's sister Meg) wedding in the beautiful California Thursday.
I have until then to get all caught up...


And, while your waiting 
(because i'll be honest i haven't even started these plethora of posts yet)
help me decide what to do with my hair (color wise) when we're in Cali.

Or This...

If I were brave enough I would cut it like my friend Jan over here did. Super cute right?? 

I'm of to blog, blog, blog away.

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