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>> Friday, January 28, 2011


Our little Nixon Christopher made his royally dramatic debut 5 days later than his due date on January 26th, 2011.
He came in at a whopping 7lbs 5 oz
and amazed us shorties at 19 1/2 inches =D
We are tickled pink blue with excitement and how much l♥ve we already have for this handsome angel.
Stay tuned.... Story soon to come!

♥ ♥ Nick & Al aka Daddy & Mommy


.:Cute Basement Apartment!:.

>> Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sadly, it's that time again! Nick and i are looking for new renters for our basement apartment. We're very sad to see our current tenants leave as they've been AMAZING! They recently found out they'll be adding a new addition to their family and just need a bigger space, which we totally understand. If you, or anyone you know, if looking for an awesome place to rent shoot me a comment!

We're in Springville, which is super nice to be out of the hubbub of the busy single college life, but we're close enough to Provo/Orem that we don't feel like we're out in the boonies and we don't waste a zillion gas traveling back and forth.

We have a SUPER huge backyard {ALMOST AN ACRE} which is super fun for our two playful puppies, and will be just as much fun for our little man if he ever decides he'd like to come play with us. Its still in "rough" shape {a little boys DREAM} but we plan on all our yard "renovations" going in this spring/summer {i.e. grass, graveled parkiung, etc.}.

My cute California husband decided last summer he wanted to play farmer so he bought himself 6 chickens. We have eggs coming out of our ears {almost literally!}, so renters will enjoy free eggs whenever they please! =D

Specs of the apartment include:

*3 bedrooms - 1 master, 1 childs room, 1 extra bedroom {has been used as an office by some of our tenants}

*1 Bathroom

*Recently renovated - August 2009. New carpet, New paint, New windows in some of the bedrooms
*Washer and Dryer PROVIDED!

*Utilities, Cable, AND internets included in the flat rate price! I know right?! Killer deal.
*$750 flat rate a month - due the 5th of each month

*200 Deposit

*PETS {dogs, cats may get eaten by our two puppies. Sorry!} WELCOME with small pet deposit!

*Super fun and awesome landlords/upstairs neighbors.

*Good neighborhood, great ward.

Like I said, it's a killer deal. It will be available February 1st as our current renters have already signed with another place and don't want to be responsible for two rent payments. We have MANY calls when we put it up on the web so it WON'T last long! Comment me with your email if you know anyone interested or would like any more info!

♥ Al

Looking into the front room from the front door

Front room - Doorways to Kitchen and Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 1 closet

Bedroom 1 - Doorways to Master Bedroom and Front room

Master Bedroom from Bedroom 1 doorway

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom - Closet and doorway to Hall

Kitchen from hallway

Kitchen Cupboards


Bedroom 3

Kitchen again


.: Hawaii 2010 :.

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

When I was in my first year of college my family decided together that instead of recieving gifts from Santa we'd rather take a trip together. It became harder and harder to tell the nagging Santa gifts to get in our older age when we felt it'd be more beneficial to just say give us the money you'd spend on something we may never use. A family trip together seemed so much more satisfying and a lot more fun. So we began our first that year and ventured to Hawaii for Christmas. Despite not having the freezy snow christmas atmosphere I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas! It was SUPER fun. We've been going ever since.

This year we weren't able to go for Christmas time specifically because I sort of ruined that one. There was no way my doctor was going to let me fly for six hours at 35 + weeks pregnant. My mom was very adamant though that we were not going to miss this year becauuse it was the last year for the next four years that every one in the family will be there. Brock leaves for his mission in March, and Mitch will leave a year or so later. It will be 4 years before we get to do that again as a complete Brown family. So we started Christmas early and headed to Mauii in November. It was perfect timing as I was getting closer to the end of my pregnancy, still going strong with my fall semester classes, and working. It was a VERY MUCH needed break. {To top it off Christmas break from school and work was just around the corner. I couldn't have asked for better planning.}

Our trip started out with Nick and i flying bright and early to Seattle from Salt Lake. It was quite commical, and stressful for my mom, but for some reason my dad was able to get Nick and I's tickets for half the price if we flew to Seattle from Salt Lake, back to Salt Lake, Las Angelas, and then to Hawaii. My mom was SOOOO worried as I was 30+ weeks pregnant and I would be flying for about a total of 11 or so hours that day. I, on the other hand could care less. I was on my way to Hawaii to spend the next week relaxing on the beach. My dad did try and see if he could just send Nick with my ticket to Seattle or even both of us just skip that part of the flight. No can do, was the only response he got. All in all it WAS a very long day, but really not as bad as I thought it may be. Like I said, my end result was Hawaii. That was good enough for me.

We then spent the next week relaxing in the Mauii sun with no cares except what fun adventure to embark on the next day. Here are some of the things we did!

Lot and Lots of boogie boarding.... The boys loved this, and us girls didn't mind because we could relax on the beach napping, reading, or just talking. We spent at least 2 of the 7 days we were there boogie boarding at different beaches. For future reference the boys did say Fleming beach was the best....

 Hike to tide pools. The drive to the hike was very pretty and we even stopped to see some really good surfers on the way.This hike was a little more than I had anticipated, more than my dad our adventure planner had anticipated i think too. We had to clammor down almost a sheer cliff to get to where we were going. I'm sure you can only imagine the looks I was getting as people watched my huge pregnant belly hike on down. The pools were very interesting and something new we hadn't seen in all the times we've been so that was fun. It was crazy to me that on this side of the island there was no beach just sheer cliff and a very angry seeming ocean. Nick got smashed one of the times by an incoming wave and I thought for sure I was going to have no husband. As there was no beach the wave that came in just quickly and angrily whooshed back out. It knocked Nick flat on his butt and started to take him back out with it. All I remember seeing was his feet go over his head and him frantically grabbing to whatever he could. I literally almost had a heart attack. He got a nice gash on his leg, and a quarter of his big to ripped to shreds, to show for it. Baby boy and I are very glad we still have a husband and daddy.

One night Nick, my mom, Sid, and I headed over to the beach across from our condo. While Sid and Mom made a sweet sand castle Nick and I enjoyed the pretty sunset Mauii always delivers. It was fun to see all the locals out walking their dogs or doing their nightly run on the beach. It seems like that's quite the common occurance. I made myself a quick new friend in a HUGE bulldog that decided randomly that he liked me as he mosied on over to lick my face. His owners were mortified, and I was shocked with a very slobbery face, but he was super cute and I didn't mind that much. p.s. Did you know it takes about 6 months to get a dog over to Hawaii!? They have to quarantine them among other things and so it takes that long. Crazy.

Big Beach.
Big Beach is one of our most favorite beaches to go to. We've gone every year since the very beginning and we go at least once every time still. This time we made it there twice. It is a super pretty laid back beach. I did my usual and just relaxed as Nick was very paranoid about me being in the water with big waves. He thought for sure one would take me out. The boys did their usual boogie boarding, and Sid got her first experience with being hammered by a wave. Ha ha. It was super sad, but funny in the sense that we ALL remember the first time we were hammered by a wave. It took quite a while to get her back out, but we eventually got her out swimming again.

Sunset at the Hotel.
Since the very first time we've gone {we usually get to go with our good friends the Linfords. It was sad to not have them there this year with us!} we made it a tradition to head to this hotel a few blocks from our condo every night to watch the sunset. We get pizza and relax and we watch the sunset and listen to the cute old men do their salute to the different directions {North, East, South, West} with their sea shells. This year we only made it there for the last night, but it was a great way to end an awesome trip. Isn't that sunset incredible?!

A lot of the trip I couldn't help but think about the fact that the next time we go {whenever that may be} Baby Judson will be with us. It was fun to think of all the fun things we'll get to show him and watch him experience.

Sadly I'm still very much pregnant. I was hoping my next post would be about this little guys debut into this world. He's decided he knows how stubborn his mom is and he's going to show her just who's boss and be even more stubborn. My last doctors appointment {37 1/2 weeks} was very disappointing as I had had absolutely ZERO progress. I asked my doctor what that means and it was even more devastating to have him say plan for your due date and actually get comfortable with the idea that this little guy might be late. I kept it together for a couple hours after the appointment, although Nick could tell I was clearly upset, and then I just lost it. I started crying and couldn't stop. I know I am still so early but I stupidly got it in my head that I would be going early because my mom had ALL her babies at least 10 days early. Having that expectation has made these last couple weeks almost unbearable as I hadn't planned on being pregnant this long. I go for my 38 1/2 week check up on monday. I've reprogrammed my brain somewhat. I told Nick I am doing my best not to think he will come any earlier than that, BUT I am not yet strong enough to think further than that. So Monday it is. That's all i'm letting myself focus on and when I get there I will go from there.

I hope the holidays left you all well rested and gave you enough time with the ones you love. I love reading about you and your families {it's actually kept my sanity as i've just been waiting waiting waiting} SO KEEP EM COMING!

Lots of LOVE!
♥ Nick and Al ♥

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