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>> Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear "mister mister",

This week you turned  1 whole month old. I can't believe I've already had 4 weeks to play and be with you! I consider myself the luckist girl alive to be your mommy. I sometimes wonder what I could've done for you to choose me. Someday i hope you or I will look back and read this so you can see all the fun, cute, exciting things you've learned and accomplished so far. Here are some things we've experienced and learned together the past 4 weeks:
  • Somehow when you came home you got dubbed "mister mister". Your dad quoted Happy Gilmore one day as you were grunting not wanting to be in some jammies and it just stuck. Mommy L♥VES her mister mister!
  • You are the most relaxed and easy going baby. You have a personality a lot like your daddy. More often then not you're content to just cuddle with someone or sleep. 
  • Going along with your content and relaxed personality you hardly EVER cry. I can count on one hand the times you've had a serious cry:  *The time you were born, *The time we took your newborns then invited your cousies to come see you and you were VERY overwhelmed, *The time your beanie fell around your eyes and you were SUPER angry you couldn't see everything.....
  • The reason you got so angry you couldn't see anything was because you absolutely LOVE looking around at anything and everything. I know you can't see everything yet, but you sure act like you can!
  • You have THE cutest smile {as half demonstrated in the picture above}! For the first couple weeks it was just poop smiles and little smirks when you would sneeze - it's almost like you think you've accomplished something AMAZING! Ha ha I love it. At around 3 weeks you actually started smiling at your daddy and me. I know everyone says that's too early, but I promise you are smiling because you recognize us. Both your Nanna's are amazed when they've seen it because they believe you recognize us too! Both also loved it when they got you to smile too (I've decided because I had to listen to my online math classes for my whole pregnancy you're going to be VERY advanced and genius like).
  • Just last week you found..... YOUR THUMB! Although i hate the idea of you sucking your thumb, it's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen and I have the hardest time making you stop.
  • When you suck your binkie you make your daddy and I laugh hysterically. You suck it sooo hard it pops in and out of your mouth.
  • 99% of the time when you sleep, you sleep with your arms up by your head. 95% of the time they are on your face somehow.... Like such:

  • You love cuddling with your daddy. You're content to cuddle with your mommy, but when daddy cuddles you i can tell you sure LOVE it. You always turn into him.

  • When you were born you had this cute whispy strawberry blonde {where the red came from we have NO clue} hair. As of two days ago the top has fallen out and you look like the cutest old man with culdesac hair!

  • Everyday our routine so far goes something like this:

6:00 am - You start to coo, or grunt (this is what you do instead of crying when you're hungry or need a change)
6:30-9:00 - Daddy comes home and we take a nap with him to gear up for the day
9:00 - We head out to the living room to eat, change the dipes, and do mommy's homework
9:00 - 8:30 pm Mommy and you get to hang out. Naps, feedings, homework, etc. are what we like best!

Today you woke up with a little cough that scared Daddy and i to death. We got you right into the doctors. Gratefully you don't have anything serious, but we were put on extensive watch to make sure it doesn't get any worse. You've also been sentenced to be around a humidifier 24/7. I sure hope that's the worst of it!

Your Daddy and I love you SOOOOO sooooo much and can't imagine life without you! It's crazy we've only had you 4 weeks, but i honestly can't imagine having to live without you.

♥ Mommy & Daddy


Erin February 25, 2011 at 4:43 PM  

In the pictures with you're little "mister mister" you can just see the love you have. This letter was very touching. I'm so happy for both of you. :-D

Jordan and Leslie February 25, 2011 at 5:36 PM  

He is so darling!!! I love the pictures of you and him! You are such a cute mommy! Isn't being a mom the best and now that you have him you can't imagine what you did without him:). Hope his cough goes away soon that's no fun.

bridgett jones February 25, 2011 at 6:23 PM  

Oh, so sweet! He is a cutie too! Isn't it crazy how life can change that much in just a month. Before you know it he'll be sitting up and laughing! Being a mom is so fun.

West Family February 26, 2011 at 7:53 AM  

It is amazing how much you can actually love a little one! (And he makes it SO easy because he is so cute and good!) Love you guys! (Sorry my kid got your kid sick!)

Chelsie February 28, 2011 at 5:28 PM  

He is so adorable!

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