>> Thursday, February 4, 2010

I found my camera cord! Yay! So here goes an update!
Nick and I were lucky enough this year to go to California for Christmas. It was a blast! Eighty degree weather for Christmas was something i could definitely get used to. A week before we went we picked up a cute little golden retriever puppy that Nick's sister and brother in law had sent money for us to buy for them for their kids for Christmas. I can't believe the temperament of that kind of dog! So mellow and relaxed! He was adorable. It was one of the things i looked forward to most seeing our nephew Gavin get his new puppy. In California we had a lot of relazing time which was greatly needed! We got to got to the Getty's Museum which is incredible! The building itself is the first peice of artwork. It has been fashioned as an actual olden day Greek villa. It's absolutely beautiful. After there we went to lunch at a place called Paradise Cove. Also incredible! It is right on the beach! You can take your shoes off and just dig them into the sad as you eat. I was told by everyone else the burgers are incredible, but because of my crappy gallbladder attacks i got to order a salad. Bleh. All in all we made some great memories at all these fun places but none compare to the time we got to spend with our family. Getting to see our neice Lyla and nephew Gavin and their excitement during Christmas was priceless!
Gavy and his brand new Christmas puppy Lucious Lyla, Mommy, and Auntie Moo Walking into the Museum A coffin. I think i'd like one like this! It's so pretty! Yes... That is what you think it is. I didn't even try to understand..... :D Gavi in the kid area. They had some fun stuff! Uncle NiNi and Gavi about to fight. Gladiator style. An actual necklace from back then. So pretty! My honey's tush.... Um.... I mean.... Hercules Zeus The pool area. They believe this is what it really was like. Pretty, huh?!
Grrrr.... Of course blogger chooses to not work now. I guess this will have to be Christmas vacation update uno. More pictures will come shortly!
Hope everyone is doing well!


Nick and Al


Here's the Deal.....

>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Without too much explanation, i'm not quite ready to put my personal blog on private, but i need to do something. Sooo.... I will be changing the url to it. If you would like the new url message me on facebook or email me at Have a STUPENDOUS DAY!

♥ love nick & al ♥
(please make sure to message me or email me not comment please. keep it unseen if you get what i'm saying :D)

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