Can't Get Enough Of This Everyday L♥VE

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know I haven't updated in FOREVER (!!), but.... I just have to make this post right now about my Husband. I L♥VE HIM!! Today it over whelmingly hit me how much i l♥ve the fact that i get to be with my very best friend EVERY SINGLE DAY. So as a disgustingly sappy little newlywed (:D) here are 10 REASEON I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HIS EVERYDAY L♥VE!

1. No matter how he feels (mentally, phisically, emotionally...) at the moment he is ALWAYS genuinely more concerned about me.

2. Children, Babies, Animals... They all L♥VE him! He is so sweet to my baby sister. When no one else wants to play her 9 year old little kid games he does. Always.

3. He's an amazing cook and he's always willing to make me something. The instant i say i'm hungry he's inquiring about what he can make me.

4. His KISSES!! I can't get enough of them! Need I say more!

5. The way he holds me when i've had a bad day. His arms have some power to make everything right. He doesn't have to even say anything. And if he does. It's always the thing i need to hear.

6. Being with him is being with my best friend. It just feels right. There's not another person in the world i'd rather be with!

7. We all know i talk (babble on) A LOT. Lots of times about very random, possilby very dumb/boring, subjects. No matter what it is i'm babbling on about he listens. Always. And not just the "nod my head and smile and look like i'm listening". He hears me. Really listens.

8. He makes me feel safe. Whether we're watching some dumb scary movie or walking in the dark through our drug crazed crime infested apartment complex i KNOW he'll always protect me.

9. He's a Cali boy! :D This means that i get to visit WARM SUNNY California and might possibly get to move there someday! (sorry mom its warm there! you know how cold i get! i love you!)

10. And last but by far not the least








>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So......... HAPPY NEWS! Nick and I got the duplex we were origionally wanting!! Its an awesome up and down duplex with a back yard and driveway for each unit! Its about 1000 sq. feet each unit. The one we are planning on renting out has wood floor, newer carpet, a cute SUNNY (so much sun!!) kitchen, dishwasher, TONS of litte/BIG closets everywhere (!!!), washer and dryer hookups, new stove (because we have to buy one for it, lol. the last people keifed the one there!), 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, 3/4 fenced backyard (all your own!), and a personal driveway WITH one car covered parking (!!!). My sister is completey dead set on renting it with her friends, but i've given her a deadline of this week to find girls. If you know any girls that would like to come with a friend and share a room (with eachother) for extremely cheap, or even have a private room to herself (still extremely cheap) LET ME KNOW! If Sam doesn't make her deadline by this week we're looking for couples. If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a place (MOVE IN DATE BEGINNING OF MAY) give me a call asap!!! We've already had MANY calls as it's so good and we're renting it pretty cheap! Leave me a comment with an email if you know anyone and i'll email you with my number so you can call me! Thanks so much guys! Hope everything is going well with you and your familys! NICK, ALEX, & ZEUS! ♥ LOVES ♥



>> Friday, April 3, 2009

Things are going great here. We just spent an interesting 2 weeks away from our home. My parents decided to ditch this terrible utah weather and us less fortunate stuck here (lol) and went to hawaii. Nick and i got the "opportunity" (ha ha, and it was definitely a LEARNING opportunity) to watch the kids. I've definitely gained a greater appreciation for my parents after that! I absolutely LOVE my brothers and sister but that was one of the hardest week and a few day of my life. Being a mom is incredibely different then i thought. Especially going straight to teenagers! Ha ha ha. My parents left wednesday a couple weeks ago and were supposed to get back wednesday last week, but didn't make it back until thursday because of flight issues. After the fun, and a tad bit stressful (!), week and horribly cold utah weather we decided to take a quick weekend trip to st. george to hang out with Jamie, Xander, and Cyle (Nicks sister). St. George is oh so wonderful! Going from 30 degree weather to 70 degree was a much needed break. Nick and i have seriously considered moving there in a few years! :D As soon as Nick is done with school he's hoping to get on the fire station down there and i'll finish my degree possibly at Dixie. Right now we are both just working. Nick had to defer a semester because of the wedding and will start back up in the fall doing the fire academy. He's got an awesome job at a place called Telos as a mentor for 13-18 year old boys that have emotional and social issues. He works the graveyard shift sadly, but its not as hard as everyone says it would be. He leaves as i'm falling asleep and gets home before i wake up. And he loves it. I finished my cosmetology apprenticeship at the beginning of March and am getting ready to take my state exams. I got a promotion at work and am working there full time as an auditor. I'm hoping to go back to school in the fall also. I've already finished my associates in general education with some of a business emphasis and i've researched a lot and have decided i'd like to continue and get my bachelors in accounting. Being married has oddly created, or possibly just brought out, a big love of numbers for me. Maybe it's just brought out a monter, lol. Nick may prefer to look at it that way ha ha. Numbers are SO intriguing to me! I love creating a budget for us and figuring out things with numbers. I find it fascinating that if you just have the right equation you can figure anything out, almost to the exact answer. Incredible! We're living in a tiny little apartment, but in the process (hopefully) of buying a duplex with my Dad. We're hoping it'll be a good buseness opportunity for Nick and I and my parents. We'll live in one unit and rent the other out (if you're looking for awesome (te he he) landlords and a place to live starting sometime this summer let me know!!! We'll be looking for renters if all goes well). We've found a few we like and are just hoping all goes well. Wish us luck! Our new addition to our family (puppy!!) has been quite the experience! I absolutely LOVE him, but I did not by any means realize how hard he would be! It's been a great (it's still hard to say that now as he's still not potty trained, STINKER (!!!), yet) learning experience. Maybe he'll prepare me a little more for kids before we start that journey ha ha. Sorry for no pictures! Hopefully i'll get on top of things soon and get them up. I hope everything is going well for you all! We love hearing from you (especially me, alex, i get so bored at work!!!)! LOVE NICK, ALEX, AND ZEUS!

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