>> Friday, April 23, 2010

Alright blogger friends i'm in need of some dire assistance. As true fashion by me i've procrastinated my Human Sexuality blog project. It is due tomorrow! I've posted three new posts tonight and am hoping to get five more in before 12 pm tomorrow. If you could jump on over there and make any quick comments it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! You should find a link to it at the top of my list to the right. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those that have, and WILL :D, assisted me! Lots and lots of love, ♥ Alex ♥


...Princess Chicky Poo's...

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So apparently i married a farmer and didn't realize it til just now! This is what my cute farmer Nicky Poo convinced his naive wife to get him today. They are pretty dang cute! Meet: Belle, Aurora, Giselle, Jazmine, Naula, and Ella.


....And It's Up!....

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

K my next post on my school project blog is up! Please don't be afraid to go to it and leave a little comment! The topic sounds a bit scary but i swear HUMAN SEXUALITY is ABSOLUTELY NOT all about what you are thinking it is..... :D Thanks in advance for all the assistance!


...New Blog....

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

I started a new blog for a homework project at school. It will be up for 20 days. If you would read it every once in a while and comment that would be SUPER helpful! Thanks so much! Alex
Click HERE to go to Sex {uality} and the... Utahns.


...My Best Friends...

>> Friday, April 9, 2010

Conference weekend was AWESOME!
Not only did we get to listen to some really good talks, we got to be with some of our very best friends. Sadly, we did not get to do this in warm sunny St. George (Yes, Jamie we missed you terribly!), but freezy cold Midway did just the trick. My parents have a membership with Trendwest so many places we travel to we get to stay in condo's rather than hotels. Its quite fun! We got up there about 7 Friday and were starving! Everyone jumped in the cars lickity split and headed down to a very yummy restraunt.... Hmmmmm, i don't remember the name. Dang.

After that our trip consisted a lot of conference talk listening and this.... After my honey this girl, this beautiful girl, is my very bestest friend in the whole wide world. Meet my sister Sam. Samantha. Sammi. Sousa. If you know her. You LOVE her. The end.

Yes, thats me, the pasty white girl in the middle. "Hey!"

There he is! Mr. America! Ha, oh just teasin'. That's my honey!

My Family. Doing what we do best! Having lots and lots of fun with each other!

While swimming we scared a lot of the other little children out of the pool doing this..... (leave it to the Brown's to cause havoc) Ha ha, yes this is Mitchy Poo stunting. Cute lil cheerleader ain't he!

Future All Star Cheerleader!

Ha ha ha Sam used to say she wouldn't be caught dead doing this.... "Cheerleading is NOT a sport," she says. Hmmmmm... Can you balance on a boy? Or do a flippy do on the ground? =D

My husband being all buffish and stunting with me.

Monday Nick and I said goodbye to my family as Sam had school she had to be home for. Sad. So we decided to cheer ourselves up and we went shopping at the outlets! Got some SUPER good deals up there! I would totally recommend it!

How was your conference weekend? What was your favorite talk?! I LOVED the one about mothers. I ♥ my mom & mom-in-law. Amazing women!

While making my dad's blog today, which you can find here (going to be super cool and resourceful once he gets it up), I listened to a lot of THIS song. I absolutely love it. Huge favorite of all "My Best Friends". It's played almost continuously at home. Ha ha, a bit vain? Maybe. Maybe not. Who are you to NOT be
"The World's Greatest"? <-click there.
What are your favorite "get me up/pick me up/make me wanna sing and dance" songs? I love 70's and 80's a lot for some reason. Anyway.

Lots of Love! ♥ Nick and Alex ♥


... A Very Merry Unbirthday To You! ...

>> Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And that it was! A very merry BIRTHDAY to me! My birthday was March 5th. My honey surprised me and took me to the Anniversary Inn up in Salt Lake. It was OH SO RELAXING. The room was fun, the tub was AWESOME, and the food was great.

After an Awesomely (?word?) Amazing birthday night we headed Saturday to see this! What did you think of the movie??

And since we got there HOURS before our movie we had some mad arcade game contests while waiting.

And to end the birthday shenanigans the RIGHT way we searched all of the valley for a cute little shop with these: YUMMMM!

It was one of the best birthdays yet. Awesome bath tub, rose pedals on the ground, Arcade, Alice, Cupcakes, AND spending three days - every waking moment of those three days - with the best friend, companion, and love a girl could ask for!

Happy Birthday to me!

Now, on a different note (even though i should be studying for a math test). Help me out with my dilema.... I get VERY bored with my hair. Quickly. Hence the reason I've had short hair, semi long hair, medium length hair, red hair, dark brown hair, platinum blonde hair, light brown with highlights hair, YOU NAME IT i've done it (going to hair school helped with all of these endevours, and the easily bored trait. hmmmmmm.) Anyway. I'm bored yet again. I can't change the color because i've been going back blonde for a very long time after having it uber dark. I've got to be fair to my poor hair. So cutting it is my only choice! What should i do? I've always really wanted to try super dooper (?spelling?) short. Like short short. No, you don't understand. SHORT. But, although i'm brave, i'm not quite sure i'm THAT brave. And, to top it off, my cute honey says he know's he would just absolutely hate it. No matter what. So what do you think?? What would look good on me? Here are some pictures I've contemplated, and Nick has helped contribute (in an effort to keep his wife looking like a girl and not a boy, as he puts it). The top seven are Nicks (yes, some short. he's trying to be supportive of his wife's "boyish" taste. Plus he knows if i decide to do it he wants some say in it =D). What Do You Think??? p.s. My hair appointment is tomorrow.....

Now that i've spent my day blogging instead doing homework, i HAVE kept my promise to blog more often, but may not pass my math test.... Hmmmmm.
Anyway. Hope everything is going well with you all and your families! Keep those posts coming! I love to hear about you now that we never get to see each other!

♥ Nick & Alex ♥


...the very best medicine...

>> Thursday, April 1, 2010

I don't know what it is about the first baby's laugh but it seriously kills me. I could laugh for hours listening to it. Here are some video's that started my day off right today! Enjoy:

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