. . . SCARY BUSINESS . . .

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

So Nick and I are taking a class together this semester. Human Sexuality. Fun, right?! Ha ha ha. Honestly though, it really is. Our teacher is incredible. I'm surprised at how much we've learned individually, together, and the conversations its sparked at our house. So anyway. Today our topic (i'm in class actually as we speak) is about the laws of sexual crimes. As we're reading the laws our teacher jumps on an instant messenger and decides to show us with the right display name how quickly straight up pervy's want to talk to her. We're sitting here and guess how many have popped up. Do you really want to know??! About 15 in 5 minutes. FIFTEEN!!! And, NO, they are not just friendly i want to get to know you type of instant messages. These perv's don't waste any time. It's been a crazy class. Sure, it's fun to laugh at. Especially if these PERV'S (this is the only way i feel appropriate to describe them right now) could only see that they are, in reality, speaking, no talking ridiculously dirty to, a class full of college students. Funny. Somewhat. Realistically?!

Scary. Scary. Scary.

Does that scare you at all?!

What is our world coming to?


Plethora of Posts.....

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

So, I admit it. I am an avid blog stalker. I love reading about all of your lives. As I was doing this the other day I started to think why I even made me a blog. I am a terrible journal writer. In high school I actually filled one journal, but if i remember right it was to finish my Young Womens award. Sadly, the habit didn't stick. I started the blog because i thought "Hey, i'm a terrible journal writer, but i'm and excellent typer AND technology (computer) junkie. A blog is perfect!" As I look back at my posts i'm almost sad. There are so many things i haven't documented in my "journal" that i'm afraid I may forget someday. So, even though it's March, GOSH almost April (where did March go?!), I am starting my blogging "new years resolution" today. Now, I am not even going to try and jump into being an over achiever/super blogger, but here's my goal: I am going to blog AT LEAST once a week for the rest of this year. I want to be able to look back and say "Oh my gosh I totally forgot about that! That was so much fun!" I think the reason i've been so terrrible at blogging is because blogs with pictures are oh so much more fun! Right? Right. But it takes me FOREVER to load pictures. So with this new resolution i'm admitting, and giving in to the fact, that post without pictures are A-O.K.! I'm sorry i may turn into one of those boring, i never want to look at that blog, kind of blogger, but some sort of post is better than no post.... Right? Now, all my blogging stalkers out there I only ask one thing of you, well maybe two. 1. Keep Stalking (lets face it, i probably stalk yours) and 2. If you notice it's been even just a week and a half with no post get on my tushy! Tell me to get a post up OR ELSE! :D I'll do the same for any of you that would like it too. Lots and lots of love to you and your families! ♥ Nick and Alex ♥

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