7 Months.... In a 'Status' Nutshell. Part 2

>> Wednesday, December 28, 2011

July 30th, 2011
"Stuart Falls with Nick, the baby, and my family (some of them). Kicked my trash carrying Nixon! He sure loved it though.."

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of this! This was Nixon's first  hike. Because our first hiking backpack was too small for Nick I got to carry Nixon. I tell you what, It was a GOOD workout for a very out of shape Mommy! My lungs, legs, and pretty much my whole body was burning by the end! It was lots of fun to get outside with my family and do something we've enjoyed ever since I was little. I can't wait until Nixon gets to go on our BIG backpacking adventures!

July 26th, 2011
"Nixon's 6 month Stats:
15lbs 7oz - 25th percentile
26.5 inches long - 50th percentile
43cm head circumference - 25th percentile

We have a little Peanut!

Can I just tell you how much I HATE shots?! I hate them for myself, and even more for my little bug. Lucky for this Momma he is so brave! He usually just lets out a little yelp like "Hey! That was not very nice!", and then he cuddles me. As you can see the Judson/Brown genes are pulling through nice and strong. We're keeping them small and peanut like! Just how we wrestlers like em.... Ha ha. If Daddy had his way he'd love a huge growth spurt for a basketball playin' crazy man. We shall see.... =D At this point Nixon:
  •  Has 4 teeth making an attempt to come in! Two top and two bottom. 
  • LOVES to swim! When we go to seven peaks with the cousins he tries to do it himself!
  • Can sit up all by himself!
  • Still throws up quite a bit because of his acid reflux
  • Has a few favorite toys, but would rather play with everything Mommy doesn't want him to play with first.... Go figure!
  • Is not much for a binky, which Mommy is perfectly fine with!
  • Says "Da Da Da" and "Ba Ba"
We're so in love with our little Bug! Isn't is crazy how fast time flies and they learn new things?!

August 5th, 2011
"Camping with the "WHOLE" family this weekend! Haven't done this since before high school! Brown's and Ridings, CAN'T WAIT! "

This weekend we had so much fun doing something we used to do very regularly! Camping with our good friends, and practically family, the Ridings. When I was 4 the Ridings moved into our neighborhood. They had a little girl, Amelia, my age and another Sam's age, Shaelyn. Oddly enough that trend continued. My two brothers had two best friends in the next two Riding siblings who were boys both their ages. The funniest part was when my family had our "bonus", as my mom like to call her, Sidney. We all thought the pattern was broken! But not too long after Sid came so did Mindy! Through out the years we have had many backpacking trips in the dessert, Lake Powell trips, sleepovers, Parties, Dinners, and in numerous Game/Family nights with them. Their friendship, advice, and com[any is something I value just as much as any of my close family members. For this trip we had fun making tinfoil dinners, watching the boys (DADS) be pyromaniacs in making a HUGE bonfire, canoeing on the lake, smores, paper airplane contests, and much much more.

 Nixon & Amelia, Mommy & Nixon, Sleepy/Allergy Nixon

 Mindy Nick & Nixon, Sidney ready to swim, Nick & I canoeing

 Nixon Mommy & the girls canoeing, Nick and I, Dad Bri & De relaxing

 Daddy & Nixon, Mommy & Nixon (ha ha he didn't like the TOO big life jacket), Nix loves Mindy

 Pop playing in the fire, Nix loves his Nanna, Nix & De

 Sad baby cause Momma took away his Oreo's.....

August 12th, 2011
"Nixon is army crawling EVERYWHERE!"

This kid is crazy quick developmentally (he started walking this week, at 11 months...)! As fun as it is to see all of his new tricks, this Momma can hardly keep up! We taught him to army crawl, and then crawl, by holding any sort of electronic device. He is a technology junkie! He would rather play with all the cell phones and lap tops rather than any of his toys.

August 21st, 2011
"Nixon started saying "Ma Ma"!!!! I could care less if he knows what it means yet, its not Da Da and Ba Ba anymore!"

Sometimes I still wonder if this kid knows what "Ma Ma" means. I usually only get it when he's sad or upset. He does however know what "Da Da" (his very favorite word), "Nana", "Pop" (as in Poppa, not soda ha ha), and most recently "ball" mean!

August 21st, 2011
"Gets to go to the L.A. Temple today. So excited!"

We were lucky enough to get to go out to California for Nixon's Auntie Moo (Meg) and Uncle Nate's wedding. My plan is for this to be a post in itself, so pictures to come!

August 30st, 2011
"LOVING my first class so far!!! Educational Psychology.... "

Fall 2011 Semester was my first semester in the Education program at Utah Valley University. I don't feel like I'm exaggerating at all when I say it was my hardest semester yet! I do, however, know it won't be the last. I deactivated my Facebook, and neglected the blog, so I could focus solely on homework and doing well. Although I didn't do as well as I had set out, I am okay with saying I got and A-, two B+'s, and one B-. Being that it was the hardest semester I have yet encountered, I started a new job, and am still figuring out this whole Mommy thing I guess that's a good start. This semester the goal will be ALL A's! Educational Psych stayed true to being my very favorite class. Dr. Cox is an EXCELLENT example of what a good teacher is like, and I aspire to do many of the things she did for my future students.

Oy.... Okay so 7 months worth of catch up is way harder than I thought.... Part 3 soon to come.... =D
The Judsons  


M & T Peterson December 28, 2011 at 11:56 PM  

Jordyn Crouch's blog is private. :) I love that you think I have "insight" though. More like, "rants and tantrums". ;) Your baby is darling.

McKell March 11, 2012 at 10:25 PM  

Still waiting on part three, just say'n... :)

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