...Hubby's Birthday...

>> Friday, October 15, 2010

The night before the sock hop party was my cute husbands twenty fifth....... YES 25TH (ha ha such an old man i'm married to!) birthday. We celebrated by going with most of his entire extended family (because everyone was in town for the sock hop) to Tuacan to see Tarzan. It was such a cute play and lots of fun. During the intermission one of the relatives (i'm thinking if i remember right it was my brother-in-law Cyle) started singing to Nick and got the whole audience singing also. Ha ha. Probably the most people he's ever had sing Happy Birthday to him!

Xander squirting Uncle NiNi with his fan

The back drop. If you look in the left upper corner you can see the ship they crash in the beginning.

My handsome birthday boy

Gavin playing in the water before the show


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