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>> Friday, October 15, 2010

After the sock hop shenanigans my in-laws took us (immediate Judson family) to Lake Powell. I ABSOLUTELY love Lake Powell. My family has been going since I was about ten and it really is one of the best summer vacations Utah has to offer! It was so much fun going with my in-laws because most of them had never been, or only been once at a very young age. Every summer they do a lake trip where they get a house boat and go stay for the week, but they usually go to a different lake. Because of Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary this summer they decided they would try out Lake Powell.

This trip was a little different than the many trips I've been on to Powell seeing as I was pregnant and I was pretty much BANNED from doing anything. Really, AAAANNNNYYYYTTTTHHHIIIIINNNNNGGG. My husband was the "sit dow, lay down, and relax" nazi. Although I didn't get to ski, wakeboard, and tube like I normally like to it was still an AWESOME vacation. What better than, at 18 weeks prego, to sit around in the sun reading or sleeping ALL day long. Loved it! It was also super fun to watch my neice and nephews have so much fun! It made me that much more excited about having my own little one soon and seeing his excitement in experiencing all the little things in life. 

The boat. My father-in-law's and husbands other loves.

Mark and Boo relaxing

Kris and Lyla on a boat ride


This is my fake smile because I was trying to convince them to let me go out on something and the "NAZI" wasn't having it.

Meg skiing

Our "boat blowing away" adventure. Here everyone is trying to pull the houseboat back.

Josh working his magic to make the boat stay

Of course he's posing like that.....
Cute Siblings

Xander and Mommy (Jamie 8 months prego =D)

My father-in-law's new friend "The Pelican".

Me, Boo, and Lyla

Pop at the wheel

These next pictures are super blurry but I had to put them up. This is the boys one night bathing. Pop and Uncle NiNi told Gav that the shower on the boat was only for the women folk and this was how MEN do it.

Playing in our little cove

The traditional picture with Nan and Pop at the lake. Next year there will be THREE more! One being our little man!

Nick skiing

Nick and Gavin's fish. Nick caught it. Gav helped with the net. He LOVES his Uncle NiNi

Nick and Lyla flagging for Auntie Moo


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