>> Thursday, June 2, 2011

Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.
Bill Cosby

It appears Nick and I missed the memo on that one.
Hmmmmm. Hope we don't regret that someday! =D

 February 20th, 2011
This little guy received a name. And a Blessing.
Both Nixon and I are incredibly grateful "The Daddy" in this house
strives daily to be worthy enough to hold
The Priesthood {somthing the men in Our Church recieve when they are 12 if they seek to be worthy to hold it}.

The Blessing was filled with promised gifts
as long as Nixon seeks to recieve them.

The Name {which was only chosen weeks before his birthday}
was chosen two honour to great men in my life.
"The Daddy" Nicholas Eric &
"The Poppa" Chrisopher.
nixon chistopher
{yep, "Nick's son"!}                         

Isn't it SOOO hard to just choose a few great people??
How did you choose?

Nixon was lucky enough to share his special day with his Uncle Brock,
{that cute missionary you see over in the side bar}.
Brock was leaving for his mission in Fiji two weeks later.
Needless to say the Brown household was packed.
Of couse, I forgot to take ANY pictures...
Yep, Mom of the year right here!
I did however take some of him later in his blessing outfit,
which we had made by a nurse at the hospital.
It was patterned after a cute onsie outfit I found at GAP that was to die for,
BUT was not white....

Because I know you all would rather see the pictures then hear me ramble on...
Without further adu...
Isn't he so handsome!!



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