7 Months.... In a 'Status' Nutshell. Part 1

>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

June 30th, 2011
"WHY?!? I want my happy, angelic, SLEEPY (7+ consistent hours a night for months...) baby back! Who is this DEMON (uhh did I just call my child a demon???) who's taken over??? Almost NO (literally) sleep every single night!!! HELP?!?!!

I have to laugh reading this one. Did i really call my cute, sweet, angelic son a DEMON?! Yes. Yes I did. It was about this time that my sweet sleepy baby, that slept through the night since he was 2 weeks young, decided sleeping was not for us. I guess I should've taken it as a compliment that he wanted to play with his VERY fun mommy instead of sleep. Problem was he wanted to play ALL night long....

July 4th, 2011
Nothing better than good 'Ol Delta on the 4th. No one does it better! Happy 4th of July everyone!!

As per Brown Family tradition, we made the trip down to Poppa Brown's home town of "good 'ol Delta" for the 4th of July. They have a fun parade where they throw more candy then I have ever seen thrown. They then have food, shopping, and entertainment at the park where everyone goes to reminisce. It's fun to see old friends, and meet new "old" friends of my dads. Nixon had lots of fun throwing the ball with Daddy, listening to the music, and eating the DELICIOUS Navajo tacos. 

 Pictures of our fun 4th of July!

July 8th, 2011
Nixon and his Nannie reading. They <3 LOVE <3 to read with each other!

It was about this time that Nixon got to start playing with Nanna while Mommy worked and went to school. Although Mom had a VERY hard time with this Nixon and Nanna didn't seem to loose even an ounce of sleep over it! They got to play, walk Tailee, and READ lots! We LOVE Nanna.

July 13th, 2011
"Got my very first shiner today at a board break. Ha ha ha. It's black, blue, and HUGE!!"

Yep, you sure did read that right! I was helping my dad with one of his many Motivational sessions. It was one where the participants got to break through boards, literally, as a symbol of breaking through their fears, limiting beliefs, and problems. I didn't quite hold tight enough and I let not 1, but 2, boards slip out of my hands and smack me straight in the eye. Both times in the exact same place. Fun. Ha ha, okay not really then, but it's a funny story now, Yes?
I know. Very flattering. I figured I couldn't tell the story and not provide proof....p.s. those are my many many freckles.... Not my 5 o'clock shadow... lol.

July 14th, 2011
Surprise (BIG SURPRISE)!!! 8 new additions to the Judson clan this morning! 6 little brown ones and 2 black.

It was quite the eventful week at the Judson home. Our poor little Cleo got knocked up by a not so welcome, but oh so very good looking, pure bred lab (same as Cleo). As cute as they were, all freaking 8 of them, I was immensely grateful for the 6 weeks to be over and have them go to their new homes. Eight puppies is TOOOOOO much. Way too much. Never, ever ever again!

Brown one and Black one. Cute tiny things!

July 16th, 2011
Nick, Me, and Sid left at home from Fargo = Harry Potter Marathon and new one tonight! Just carrying on tradition from last year... =D

Every year my brothers go back to Fargo, ND (or SD, not quite sure which state it is) for the National Wrestling Tournament. Last year Sidney did NOT want to make the 17 hour trek so she got to stay with us. Because it worked so well last year, we decided to keep with tradition and keep her with us this year too. Both years it's fallen right when the new Harry Potter's are coming out (yes I'm a total Harry Potter nerd. LOVE THEM!), so we do a review of all the old ones and then go see the new one!

July 22th, 2011
"It's my Honey{Nick Judson}'s Birthday weekend! Happy Birthday to the man who makes me laugh day after day, even when I think tears or frustration is the only possible feeling at the moment. I can't imagine anyone better for my Best Friend, Love, and Eternal Companion. I'm so glad that 26 years ago tomorrow you came here to someday find me! LOVE YOU!"

Nicholas turns 26! Gosh he's becoming quite the old man! 
July 28th, 2011
"I hate teething. Poor Nixon is a very sad little boy! Makes me sad. =( "

Nixon was "lucky" enough to get ALL 4 of his front teeth at once. Yep. All at once. It was a very tearful frustrating time for Mommy and baby. Teething is seriously NO fun!

Because I didn't realize how many status'/pictures I would be sifting through (talk about Facebook Junkie!) this is going to have to be a 2 part post.

To Be Continued.....


Heidi J December 18, 2011 at 5:24 PM  

You have got one gosh dang stinking cute little BABY!!! I don't say that unless I really really mean it. And he is to die for. Will you be coming out over the wrestles?

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