>> Saturday, December 17, 2011

We're back....

I have some mixed emotions about missing so much blogging:

  1. As a "profession blog stalker" (don't worry, I dubbed the title myself, I didn't swipe the award from any of you that may feel you more rightly deserve it...) I get so bored with bloggers like me... I mean, come on! Once every six months or so?? Sheesh.... BORING!
  2. Because this was supposed to be my "journal" in a sense, I feel like I have missed documenting so many happenings of this crazy Judson clan. I see so many bloggers that have documented so many special moments of the kids lives and it really makes me sad. Am I going to regret not documenting so much of Nixon's 1st YEAR ?? Possibly.
  3. BUT my strongest emotion is this.... As a full time student, part time employee, and MOMMY my time not spent doing work, homework, and housework gets to either be spent keeping up with this here bloggy blog or  playing with the "Mr. Mr" ..... I'm more than ok with saying this semester i chose the latter. 
If any of you are friends with me on Facebook, you'll know another thing to go was my account. I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to just get rid of it for a few months! As much as I like to keep up with all of those I may never get to see again, they are NOT who matter most to me. It is most likely something I will do again once this holiday break is over. Something awesome I found about it, though, was they have the option of digitally saving all of your information. This means all of your status', comments, wall posts, pictures, and videos. Because all of you have seen how good I am at journaling here, this was an immense relief to me! It's funny that I can look through my status' and know exactly what was happening at that time, what milestones Nixon was having, and what fun events we were getting to attend. SO, for my ever recurring catch up post, I decided i would list some of my status' since i last blogged, with a brief description of what we crazy Judson's were up to then. Stay tuned (lots of status' to go through =D)!


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