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>> Friday, January 30, 2009

So I'm totally copying this from Megan, but I was glad she came up with the idea! I know someday my memory is not going to be as sharp as i'd like it to be. Ha. So i figure i'd better write down as many details I remember about Nick and I's dating as i can now, rather than later. So here goes our first encounter, my story and his (this could be interesting!):D. Bare with me. It could be long! ♥SO CLICHE♥ First Encounter: Family Home Evening...... :D So first off i should say this is our story of meeting from MY (alex) point of view. Details, ect. could be somewhat different from Nick, ha ha. So......In our ward I am in charge of FHE (family home evening) for the people that don't actually live in the complex. So this one particular FHE i remember we combined with building C (nicks building) to play water balloon volleyball. Dave, nicks roommate and a good friend of mine, brought along Nick, his FHE attendance slacking roommate ;D. Thank you Dave for being so concerned :D. So anyway. I remember them walking out and thinking "who is that?! why have i never met him before?!" I mean i'd been in this ward for almost a year and a half now and i was SURE i would've remembered him if i'd seen him! Sadly there isn't much more to this story. I was instantly attracted and we talked for about 5 or 6 words, a little half hug (if you could call it that), and that was it. :D ha. But it was next next FHE (which after that by the way he did start attending REGULARLY :D) that things really began....... Next FHE was a car wash. I went first off because i was in charge, BUT i'm not going to pretend i wasn't hoping he'd be there. I was. I admit it. It was my main motivation. So it starts and you guessed it! No Nick. I was somewhat bitter to be completely honest. If you know me you know I want things to go how i want them WHEN i want them. I was half tempted to go rip him out of his apartment so i could get to know this kid! ;D Fortunetly, for his safety and my reputation of being INSANE, he finally showed 10-15 minutes later. This is where it all began! I put all my flirting skills i thought i had (ha ha ha ha ha ha RIGHT) out on the table. And then, i noticed ..... HER. Ugh. I could SO tell she had a crush on him to! I wasn't about to give up though. Needless to say this Family Home Evening ended up being more like a, hmmmmm what's a good way to explain it, Bachelor tv show maybe? Not all the cutesie parts though. The extreme competition/nasty fighting of the girls part. Ha. I may not have seen/met him first, but i wasn't giving up! It also was probably considered one of nicks favorite days. And i feel safe saying that without his permission for this reason: think about it. Two car washing girls fighting for his attention! :D Like I said. Best day of his life. Now i can't say it was my amazing skills that ended up paying off in the end. I basically just got lucky. Another guy from my ward asked to give me a motorcycle ride at the end of the night. I think i won out that night just because nick was jealous! Ha ha. End result of the night: No number taken from nick :(, Awesome motorcycle ride :) not from Nick though :(, but unknown by me EXTREME interest taken by Nick :D. Success. It wasn't even the end of that week before we'd had our first date. The rest is history! :D The True Story nicks view on things ha well here is the story from my point of view ha(nick that is)the first time i talked to alex was that FHE were i got to give her a little snuggle "amazing" i thought to my self. the next FHE is where the real magic started to happen! i really wasnt gonna go cause i found out it was just a car wash and if you know me well enough you know i dont like other people washing my car so I wasnt about about to let the FHE group do it ha. but for some odd reason i decided to go!count my lucky stars alex was there looking good like usual and i just had to see what would happen if i talked to her and it worked for me thats for sure cause all that night we flirted a ton with each other so i had to decide how to make my move to ask her to hang out! to bad for me we didnt hang out much that night after FHE cause alex went on a motorcycle ride but i eventually got her number and we hit it off on our first date and here we are now all in love with each other and married!!!!! Ha ha ha, so there you have it! OUR story, and a perfect example how different men and women are!


*EVANS FAM* January 30, 2009 at 12:48 PM  

hehe i really enjoyed reading this. funny how men and women think and act so differently :)

The Ahlins January 30, 2009 at 1:22 PM  

It okay you can write down your love story I dont mind! Its true though, his story is alot shorter and thats how guys go!

Daniel and Savannah Jensen February 11, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

Hey Alex, I saw your blog on Camille's blog, so how are ya? Congrats on getting married, a while ago lol!

Aubrey February 12, 2009 at 11:56 AM  

ALEX! I miss you! Oh the days of running in circles, ha. Your story is so cute.

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